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November 15, 2012


Malcolm Wood

Well there you go!. Hamas got exactly what it has been pushing for during the last year. It has finally forced Israel into retaliatory air strikes.

Hamas has been firing missiles and rockets into Israel for more than a year now with the heaviest bombardments being during the last week or so when a least a dozen rockets fired from Gaza had targeted a major Israeli city.

Israel has held back from retaliation during all that time, until it was left with no alternative but to defend itself.
It did this by a very clinical air strike, taking out ONE car containing the head of the military wing of the terrorist organisation - Hamas, who was responsible for most of the attacks on Israel

Israel also successfully targeted Hamas's long-range missile sites and underground weapons storage facilities.
During these strikes unfortunately some civilians were injured - BUT THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE MADMEN CONTROLLING HAMAS WANTED TO HAPPEN

Hamas couldn’t care less how many Gazan civilians are killed because that causes gullible pinko Westerners to jump on the anti-Israel bandwagon, and that support then gives Hamas an excuse to carry on with it’s unwinnable aggression.

While Hamas are in power the citizens of Gaza will continue to suffer. If Hamas stopped its aggression there would be lasting peace in the area. It’s a very simple solution


Hamas with their rockets and mortars hide amongst the civilian population in hospitals.
Hamas and the rich Arab countries have done nothing for the locals and their quality of life is not good.
Israel is a democracy which looks after it's people and have achieved so much under very difficult conditions.

Nick Phillips

Meanwhile, a Palestinian woman whose house has been occupied by Jewish settlers argued with Israelis who came to celebrate Jerusalem Day in the mainly Arab neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem on Wednesday.


Why do Conservatives persistently take one side in this? Both sides behave equally reprehensively from my POV.


800 rockets fired on Israel this year, over 160 during the past week......I don't know any other country that would have shown such restraint as Israel has done. Hamas hides munitions and rockets among their civilian population.....gather more and more rockets by smuggling operations from Egypt to fire upon Israel. Gaza was handed over to the Palestinians with a thriving horticultural business opportunity and much property, when many many Israelis were displaced. Did the Palestinians grasp this opportunity to make the business work? No,sadly a wrecking spree ensued and then blame was levelled (again) at Israel. Let's be clear, Hamas along with other terrorist groups have stated clearly, they want Israel "wiped off the map" - they are not interested in peace of any sort or in helping to bring the people out of their misery....they want all of Israel, despite what they say to the West - and the West is duped!


Hamas are not 'madmen', Wood. They are brave men who are sick and tired of living in an open prison, who want their people's stolen land back and who - having little else to do with their time, other than have children - are doing their part in getting it, even if it takes another century. They know they will win in the end.

If you want to see madmen, take a close-up look at the olive grove-burning Jehovah-worshipping millenarian mumsers in the illegal West Bank settlements - or the draft-refusing welfare-sponging ultra-froomers in West Jerusalem who drive women off public buses and stone the cars of secular Israelis for driving on religious holidays. Yes, Jehovah's telling them to do it, just like he speaks to Tony Bliar. They are doing the Lord's work in the 'Holy' land. Hallelujah! Smite and smite again in the Name of the Lord!!

While you describe a 'bombardment' of 'Israeli' cities, the sad truth is Hamas couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo (another two wild misses today). If they could hit the Israelis one tenth as hard as the Israelis could hit them, the latter would treat them with a great deal more circumspection and respect. But their primitive unguided rockets are hardly more than a symbol of defiance, scarcely a nuisance to the Ashkenazi settlers (casualties, typically nil, one or two a year) - though of course, they are also a convenient pretext for a further round of one-sided pre-election stompings by the nuclear-armed Yisrael Beitenu-Likud regime, which knows it can rely on a bottomless US arsenal and US taxpayer funding, generously topped up by Sheldon Adelson and a hundred other hysterical cheerleading billionaires - in pursuing its determined drive for Lebensraum. By any objective measure, today's 'Israel' is a rogue state, defying 'the international community' more brazenly than Iraq or Libya ever did. But those regimes, of course, weren't as well-connected as Israel.

Hamas 'aggression', Malcolm? How would YOU feel as a Gazan Arab? You're like a leftoid social worker, complaining about a householder's 'aggression' against an armed and violent burglar. 'If Mr Wood simply handed over his valuables and daughter to the burglar-rapists, instead of provoking them by resisting, there would be lasting peace in his home. That's all they want. It's a very simple solution.' Perhaps you and your jackboots would feel more comfortable at LabourHome, you mumser...?

As for Senor Dumpling here - you don't know any other country that would have shown such restraint? Well, one doesn't need to look so far. The UK Government sucked up the Birmingham and Guildford pub bombings, Lord Mountbatten being blown to bits, poor Airey Neave in the Commons car park, 19 Paras at Warrenpoint, two serious attempts to kill the PM (Brighton and No 10), plus hundreds of other murders, but still upheld the rule of law. It did not launch blockades, airstrikes and artillery bombardments - such as the one that killed 1,300 people, mostly civilians, in Gaza in 2008 - and it negotiated in a political process in good faith, ultimately resulting in compromise, security and peace.


Rant, rant, rant. Unworthy of any rational comment, sadly.

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