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November 19, 2012



What a stupid headline - this insinuates that Israel only should defend herself after a given number of Israelis have been killed.
It insinuates that Israel is at fault because it has built shelters for her children and people, but Hamas is the victim even though they place their missile launchpads in schools, mosques, and family homes. That used to be called 'using human shields' when Saddam Hussein did this during the first Gulf War ...


Why is it that only the Israelis, and not the Palestinians, who have a right to defend themselves?

After all, it's the Palestinians who've been driven off their land, walled up into ghettos and subjected to a more or less continuous Israeli terrorism for the past half century.

I also don't get that 'human shield' line either. Human shields are only useful against regimes which respect human life, and Israel, as we all know, has absolutely no qualms about murdering men, women or children, sometimes in the most horrific ways.

Explain it to me, Colliemum. What makes you think that the Israelis will suddenly start feeling bad about murdering Palestinians? After all, they have you and Obama's full support in the matter.

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