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July 20, 2012


Graham (UKIP)

Why are you showing clips from RT? If I wanted to watch Commie claptrap I'd switch to the BBC.

Tony Makara

Keep up the cheerleading Conservative Home and the BBC, your friends in Tel Aviv are eagerly awaiting regime change in Syria so that Iran will be truly isolated diplomatically.

As for UKIP Graham, не знаю чем вы имеют в виду?

Keep Britain out of this! Its not our business.

Ross J Warren

"Keep Britain out of this! Its not our business."

This has all the hallmarks of a CIA inspired rebellion in the first place, how can we keep out? We are up our necks in this...

Tony Makara

Well Warren, you are welcome to volunteer if you want to get involved. Its easy to get involved in any conflict if you volunteer as an auxiliary. However I'm sure that most people in Britain are sick of seeing the lives of our Armed Forces being lost fighting other people's battles. If you think we should get involved then you and Hague can pack up your old kit bags and go and see what dead people look like. I can assure sure that there is no odour on earth as stomach churning as that of rotting corpses. When people, and politicians, see these conflicts on TV they don't get a proper understanding of the reality of war. It all becomes sanitized and sterilized, all too unreal, except for those caught up in the fighting.


"Keep Britain out of this! Its not our business."

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