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July 20, 2012


Mike Barnes

The title makes it sound as if Batman murdered people in Denver. Does it matter which film they were viewing?

Tony Makara

Aside from the question of gun laws one also has to question a film and television industry that has turned the act of murder into a genre of entertainment. Some people will always be prone to copy, thats why advertising and fashion works, so is it a surprise that some copy the acts of mass killing they see glamourosly played out by sexy assasins in hi-def slow-motion at the cinema or on TV?


Tony Makara - If a nutter wants to kill people he wants to kill people whether he is reading about Jack the Ripper or watching Batman, it is just an excuse for evil!

Tony Makara

In reply to HYUFD. Do you think its normal or even acceptable for scenes of shootings in movies to be run in slow-mo to the backing sound of raunchy music, often with the gun-toting killer standing in a pose that would flatter any fashion magazine? The problem is entertainment has made killing look cool, look empowering and glamourous. If there has to be scenes of such violence in films there should at least be codes of standard that don't allow killing to be glamourized in such a way.

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