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July 19, 2012



The murder of these tourists is a really terrible thing, but for any country to try to use this act as a pretext to attack another country is also disgusting. Of all possible suspects, I would have thought Iran was least likely to be responsible precisely because they do not want attacked!

That said, I have no doubt that Iran is going to be attacked at some point soon, probably by Israel though with US help is certainly possible. And no doubt we will be told 'they have weapons of mass destruction' - heard that before haven't we, and it was a lie when used to justify the attack on Iraq.


Probably. The warmongering British and American elites will use any excuse to feed their addiction to bloodletting. Look how desperate they are to attack Syria. Soon a dog being run over will be pretext for "regime change"

It doesn't add up...

It's 40 years since Munich 1972. That caused specific revenge by Mossad, not all-out war.

Daniel Martin

The terrorist attack on innocent Israeli tourists in Bulgaria was an unspeakable and unforgiveable atrocity, for which there must be a reckoning sooner or later. Whether or not Iran was directly involved may not be clear-cut (like the precise identity of the Lockerbie perpetrators) but there is little doubt that Iran is a major player in the "axis of evil".
I am sorry for all the nice, decent Iranian people who suffer helplessly under a very repressive regime, just like the Iraqis who were held captive under the regime of Saddam Hussein --- an evil dictator who just had to go. There is always a heavy price to pay for getting rid of evil ones who have entrenched themselves. One recollects the carpet-bombing of German cities such as Dresden in World War II. If only the Iranian people would rediscover their courage and overthrow the monsters who govern them; they would save themselves and everyone else a lot of grief and trouble.
In the meantime, Iran as a state deserves whatever is coming their way, as do their allies.
Dan Martin.

dorset dumpling

The world view will still be "It's Israel's fault" - Iran has clearly stated its intent to annihilate Israel......whether this is an attempt to provoke Israel into a retaliatory response, it is a very crude attempt.


DD, why is threatening to annihilate Israel worse than actually annihilating Palestine?

That's not rhetorical, btw. I am genuinely interested in your reasoning.

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