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May 07, 2012


Denis Cooper

Note the two flags, with the EU flag in the superior "position of honour" under normal international flag protocol.

The same on Sarkozy's platform; self-avowing EU lackeys the both of them.

Despite all the faux patriotism, Sarkozy's "eternal France" blah blah blah to dupe the mugs supporting him, waving their tricolors and singing the Marseillaise.

Whatever else you may think about Marine Le Pen, at least she didn't do that for her brief statement last night:


Three French flags behind her, no EU ring of stars.

Matthew Reynolds

Just think if the French had gone with the de Gaulle plan after World War II and had restored King Henri VI (r.1940-99) then we would have been spared these two inadequate politicians insulting each-other in this demeaning & tedious election campaign.King Henri VII would I am certain make a far better Head of State than this Republic which like its four predecessors has just caused degradation & shame via decadence.

The modernist ideology is not really believed as much any more,people are bored by this unsatisfying agenda and many seem to seek refuge in disordered vice to get an even greater kick to flee the tedium.Standards fall,decadence creeps in & society rots away.

Hollande is wrong to think that an ever bigger state will make the French people happier.He is wrong.A return to the values of Blessed Charles of Blois,St Joan of Arc,St Therese of Liseux & St Bernadette would ensure a happier society founded on Truth.

It is no surprise that For most of her history France was Catholic & Monarchic and a great power.Having ditched both the True Faith & Legitimate Government France has been in decline as a result.This secularist & republican experiment has failed.It has not produced the high ethical standards & greatness that was promised.Even the apparently mighty French 1ST Republic & 1ST French Empire which could be the high-mark of that ideology lasted only 23 years - about fifty years less than the reign of Louis XIV.

This election is irrelevant as it will not solve the real problems.Only an Alliance of Throne & Altar can by God's Grace turn this around.

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