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April 27, 2012


John Bracewell

What a twit!


Never thought I'd be so happy to have Nadine Dorries in our party and NOT following the party line!

Clr Ralph Baldwin

Lol just a little worse than the baby instructions given to Labour Mps for them to repeat parrot fashion on TV....still I reckon the chap above is worlds ahead of od Minibrand.

Joe DeMocritus

Wasn't there a similar situation for Ed Millibean a year or so back when he repeated his spindoctor fed lines over and over?

Isn't it time we saw that again?


I'm sure the whips wish they could whip not just all MPs but us grass root conservatives to 'stay on message' as that Aussie Labour MP demonstrates so admirably in that interview!

Politics ain't about 'staying on message'! This is the UK, not NK.

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