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January 12, 2012


Joe Mooney

I hope he will be brave enough to carry out reforms in his country. This matter requires urgent attention. He is not a bad old boy. Great to hear that relations between UK and Ireland are very good.

mick mcgough

It is a SPECIAL relationship after all !


After nearly 1000 years since the first Anglo-Norman invasion, through Cromwell, famine, forced migration, civil war, separation and terror, the English and the Irish are just about OK.


So now the Scottish kick off. FFS. At least the Irish had a valid point...Can we swap Scotland for Ireland?


Mr Kenny has a very difficult job; he is effectively dictated to by the EU but puts a brave face on it and carries off the pretence that Ireland is still a free and Sovereign country remarkably well.

What a shame he had to spoil his speech by commenting on Cameron's determination to keep the UK in the EU and remarking that this is a good thing. It may be good for Ireland that the UK is in the EU fighting the dictatorial tendencies the Francfort Group, but it would be nice to have a bit of support. Perhaps Mr Kenny should think on that!

It would be in both the interests of the UK and Ireland to get out of the EU and to join forces in a union of the UK and Ireland. We're family: the EU isn't.

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