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January 14, 2012



Gingrich is a nasty piece of work. It doesn't look like he'll win the nomination, but I hope he gets trounced by Romney too.


Only in America could the fact you speak French being treated as a negative ! Has Newt ever left the US!? Classic republican crack-pot .

It doesn't add up...

Inky-pinky parlez vous?


Mitt Romney speaking poor French is one thing but supporting tax payer abortions is another.
Republicans are against abortion on demand and gay marriage and Romney needs to get into line or lose the nomination.


What about those "nice" adverts that the romney "friends" ran against Gingrich in Iowa.Romney shouldn't have started this nonsense in the first place.


I'll put this down to Newt sacrificing himself in the hope of somebody else being able to defeat a weakened Romney. That is the only possible explanation for this, which is clearly suicide.

Ultimo Tiger

Just a pair of men in suits.

Vote Paul.

Harry Hill

I'd vote for anyone who isn't a Republican. What a shower of dinosaurs.

Cleethorpes Rock

Bunch of idiots. I got flamed on here for suggesting that the Republicans look down on people who are well-educated and open-minded. That's why they don't like Huntsman; he's too smart and worldly.

Herman Cain scored points for boasting of his ignorance (of the identity of the President of Uzbekibekibekibekistan)and now Gingrich is trying to appeal to the hick element.

Can any Americans explain to me why the GOP are so against people who are a bit smart?


Ouch. What happened to the Republican party? Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr would be considered dangerous pinkos in this loon party.

Claire Free Market

Interesting when Gingrich's Doctorate on the Belgian Congo cited a sizable number of French-language sources.

David Hollins

Perhaps he misspoke when claiming to have read them?

This kind of thing is no different from the anti-European bile spoutred by the BNP for Nice People (UKIP) and their fellow travellers in the Tory party and at Newsnight. No great surprise that the same people want to suck up to the playgraound bully - only to find that the US is packing up and heading East.

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