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November 05, 2011


Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Papandreou has lost any shred of credibility and honour he may once have possessed. He has lied to the Greek Voters by promising a Referendum then going back on his word and seems do be clinging to power by any means. Indeed in some ways he reminds me of David Cameron with his weasel words, and twists and turns. Enough is enough! The Greek PM ought to resign and hold a quick General Election in which he can try to gain a mandate from the Greek People for his austerity policies. If he prevaricates and procrastinates further he risks the Democracy that Greece is credited with inventing and the return of the Colonels as happened in the 1970s.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Taking this away from Papandreou and Greece and looking at the bigger picture, will the eventual default of Greece, which I am sure will occur and soon, and the problems of the Italian Economy which are now being mentioned, mean the collapse of the Euro? If so are we seeing the beginning of the end of the EU itself?

I have been against what was then the Common Market since Britain's entry in 1973, and have always thought that it would get too big and too complex and collapse under its own weight like a beached whale. I think this may now be starting to occur as the poorer southern Latin nations pull down the richer and more industrial Northern ones not to mention the burden added by those former Communist Satellite nations who have joined in recent years. Possibly the EU will simply disintegrate, or break down into three Groups, a Nordic One, a Latin Group and one for the Slav Nations.

I for one would NOT be in the slightest bit sorry to see the EU collapse completely and the countries therein revert to being Independent Nation states with their own currency and Laws. If some then wanted to have smaller Free Trade Associations amongst themselves then that is fine , but leave it at than with no Parliament or organisations apart from a bare-bones secretariat, no Courts, Councils or Commissions nor its own Laws, and far simpler than the Common Market=EEC=EU and if some rabid Europhiles had their way a Federal United States of Europe.

I was born in a Free Britain and although I am only 58 I would love to live in one again before I die.

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