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June 29, 2011


Sean O'Hare

Greece default now MAY have triggered a worldwide financial crisis. Greece default after second bailout failure WILL cause the €uro to nosedive and the EU to disintegrate. I feel for the Greek populus, but think that has just got to happen. Hopefully when it's all over they will be able to get the country moving again.

Colin Smith

What a waste of money .......

I don't know who priced the option but I hope they valued Theta correctly !

Batten down the hatches in Portugal and Ireland time...


I really feel for the ordinary Greek people.
I'm sure all this bailout will achieve is a delay in Greece defaulting sometime in the future.
I hope it causes the Euro to fail and with any luck, the E.U. with it.


The GREEK people are being sacrificed on the alta of multinationalism.You may know the leaders name of the IMF or any PM or PRESIDENT.What we do not and will not know are the names of the ones that pull their strings.Fanciful well we have had years of multinational companies spreading their tenticles all over the world.The result is the rich get richer the poor get the crumps.

Dawn Carpenter

Yes, the Greeks have been deceived just as we have, lied to by their pro-EU elite just as we have, betrayed just as we have. We will escape their fate by declaring ourselves out of the EU and no longer subject to its laws. We shall call it the Second Bloodless Revolution. That's the British way. No rioting. Just announce to the world that we are out.

Denis Cooper

The headline here:


sums it up:

"As police crush protests, EU narrowly wins Greek vote".

It was predictable and predicted that the euro would lead to violence.

Even John Major publicly doubted whether "one size fits all" would work.

Nevertheless he let it go ahead, instead of using his veto to stop it.

Why? Because despite the doubts he expressed for public consumption, and despite being forced to negotiate a derogation, an "opt-out", for the UK, he hoped and expected that eventually we would join it.


Many of the people in Greece have engaged with their politicians in a charade in which they fooled each other and fed off each other. It could only end in tears - unproductive, high levels of corruption, bureucracy, gold plated unsustainable pensions,unbalanced economy etc. Some other nations are not that far off playing the same charade albeit not quite so extremely. Greece will just have to go through a correction and whatever huffing and puffing they engage in, it will inevitably be painful!

manolo blahnik

So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)

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