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June 15, 2011



And Dave and George would have us throw good money after bad to bail out Greece.

The Greek political stakes now don't just belong to the Greek Government.

John Bracewell

Greece is massively in debt, so the people riot, causing damage which will cost money to repair and whilst rioting are not working and creating any wealth. It is not just the financial aspect, people may be injured or killed. How does this help to get their country out of the problems they face? Why should the EU, IMF etc. loan them money, bail them out when they do not want to help themselves. Do they think people from other countries should take on the debt that their government, who they voted for, created? Why do they not have pride in their country and want to help to correct their problems instead of making them worse?

Dawn Carpenter

I welcome the riots. I hope they bring down their government. I would like to see them declare themselves free of the EU, bring back the drachma and allow it to float, and re-establish themselves as a free people, proud that their land was the cradle of democracy. If they hanged a few Euromaniacs from the lamp posts, I wouldn't lose sleep over it.


Certainly British cash should not be wasted to assist Greece or to prop up the euro. It is not our concern.

Tony Dean

When will the riots happen in Britain?
Already massive strike action is called for and still we have a useless set of idiots in the cabinet office.

Cleethorpes Rock

Why are we sending money to these wasters?

Let them go under, the lazy devils.

Andrew Smith

These reactions are understandable but surely the big question is how these images will play in Germany.

If the German people start cutting up rough with their government about the cost oif a Greek bailout then the chances of it happening will be reduced significantly. Germany alone seems to have a veto on EU funding for the Greeks and they alone can decide whether the Greek bond holders het a haircut and when. It seems no one else matters - just Germany.


causing damage which will cost money to repair and whilst rioting are not working and creating any wealth.

John Bracewell is not of this world ! Greece cannot pay anything back. It is impossible. Papandreou's FATHER created this mess by building a web of corruption with property magnates and shipping billionaires and bribing the masses with public sector jobs. Greece had an Olympics (take a look London) - big fat contracts, bribes, but a white elephant. The elites got their money and squirreled it away in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. The Plebs have the bills to pay.

Greece has NO industry. It can sell you retsina, vine leaves, olives and vacations but not enough to pay these bills. Australia had huge debts run up by Holmes a Court, Bond, Elliott and the corporate raiders but it had RESOURCES to sell China to pay its way. Greece has NOTHING. It is finished. The Greek State will collapse and the unemployed can come to London to live on welfare. There is NO way Greece or even Ireland can recover - it is like Reparations on Germany after WWI


If the German people start cutting up rough with their government

Start ? You are way behind the times. They are incandescent that Merkel is destroying Germany and wiping out Savings and Pensions to save French and German and British banks


Glad you feel that way Dawn Carpenter, but to introduce the Drachma means defaulting on all those loans which will wipe out Greek Banks, damage French and German banks, and cause absolute chaos to US banks. Get ready for Lehman Brothers Turbocharged - still the US can always raise its debt ceiling to 50 Trillion Dollars and seize private savings like 401Ks to fund itself.

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