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May 22, 2011


Cleethorpes Rock

Good. Should never have been there in the first place.

Andrew Smith

What rubbish!

This was not Bush's war. It was encouraged and eagerly supported by Blair, NuLabour and the Official opposition - the Conservative Party.

So far as I can recall the only meaningful parties to question it were the LimpDems and UKIP.

The result has been the destruction of Iraqi infrastructure, the loss of many UK forces lives and the impairment of many others, the deaths and injury to thousands of innocent Iraquis, and for what.

No reconciliation of the Iraqui people between the different tribes/religious sects.
No honest government
No democracy
No security
No stability in the region
No ability for Iraq to stand on its own feet

Vast expense
Antagonism between UK and the Muslim world and doubts about us even by decent muslims
Likely war crimes by UK for which the then PM has so far escaped prosecution - result, ignominy for the UK


I literally have no idea how the West is supposed to win a war again:

- Joke rules of engagement;
- Snakes like Flynn and the rest of the Fifth Column tolerated in our rear; and
- Total inability to accept losses even on the tiny scale suffered in Iraq.

I despair.

Ultimo Tiger

Since when has 179 been "many" out of an army of 90,000? How many isn't many? 1? 2? 100? 1000? The whole sodding army and their wives on top?

"Likely war crimes by UK for which the then PM has so far escaped prosecution"

What war crimes were these?

And the video is from RussiaToday, the PR arm of anti-Western nuthuggers in the Kremlin. Just look at them fawning over the usual lefty morons.

Span Ows

"One of the worst moments in our history"? Was Flynn drunk?

Not a fair comparison but on the first day at the Battle of the Somme the British troops suffered over 19 thousand dead (20% of ENTIRE force...in ONE day) This doen't include 35 thousand wounded, 2,000 missing and 600 prisoners.

And it wasn't Bush's War, he didn't lie, he said "regime change". Blair lied and he and Campbell had a team concoct lies to convince parliament and the public, why are these @#$%*& allowed to walk freely amongst us?

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

God be thanked! We should not have been there in the first place. Now get our troops out of Helmand Province etc and stop our military action in the skies over Libya. We are no longer a World Power, for a start we have scrapped too much of our military materiel and sacked the manpower. Let's face it, were the UK a Football team we would have been relegated to the Championship just like Birmingham, Blackpool and West Ham. We need to drop our delusions of grandeur.

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