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April 02, 2011



What a load of b*llocks. Everybody knows that the EU is completely corrupt. If the FCO is releasing this as a 'look how wonderful the EU is' they have failed. Why am I no longer of the Conservative party I wonder?? Paul McCartney talking about 'climate change'? Well that will get everybody onside then. This in my opinion is a complete own goal. Well done Tory Party. You have reaffirmed why I detest Cameron and everything he stands for.

Ex-Tory Party leaflet deliverer in all weathers.


"Paul McCartney talking about 'climate change'?"

LOL that is the point at which you know it is all downhill...

If a swivel-eyed Geordie ex-porn model like Heather Mills was able to take him to the cleaners, in spite of forceful slaps from his daughter, why should ANYONE take his pronunciations on climate change seriously?

Mind you, anyone that can get fooled by a one-legged scarey-eyed bint clutching a spade is also likely to get hoodwinked by the eco-nutter brigade...

Silly b****r!


Why is the FCO doing his job for him?

LV Purses

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