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April 12, 2011


Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Vive la France! It's a pity our dripping wet liberal and utterly uselss Home Secretary taks the contrary view as reported on CH yesterday 11th April 2011 and therefore we are unlikely to see such a policy here in the UK.

Tony Makara

I would not like to see a similar measure taken in the UK.

This ban undermines the freedom to worship and runs counter to good community relations. The Muslim faith is a living faith and part of that culture is the expression of faith through relgious attire. We have to understand that.

The ban is the worst type of political opportunism.

Government should exist to govern for all its people, and not create 'outsiders from within'.

Jack Pershing

the koran instructs its followeres to kill the unbeliever. I guess we should go along with that too.
Freedom to worship, and all that.
The women that wear that garment are broadly divided into two types
1) Those that are forced to wear the thing (some have been killed for disobeying)
2) those that are making a political statement..."we're not intergrating"

Green and Pleasant


An individual choosing to wear the veil does not harm anyone (even if it is a political statement).

End of story.

Jack Pershing

Green and Pleasant,
so you don't mind some women being killed for refusing to wear the thing? Nor do you mind immigrants demonstrating their refusal to attempt to intergrate. Very strange.


I despise religion in the public sphere and think all the abrahamic religions, and Islam in particular are disgusting in the way they seek to treat women, of which the veil is a symbol.

But no democracy should ban people wearing anything, it is simply wrong.

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