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March 24, 2011



Wow! And I thought Question Time was explosive! I agree with the actress on what she was saying. Maybe religious people should sort out their own houses before they case judgements on everyone else.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Phew! I would NOT want to get on the wrong side of that lady! BTW I agree with her 100%!

It doesn't add up...

As the actress said to the bishop...

Jas Parmar

She certainly made the Mufti look like a fanatic !!!
Her choice of words ( if only you could understand ) were
brilliant. She is a fiery woman I would not dare cross.

Victor Southern

What a terrific woman to stand up against all of that ingrained and antiquated prejudice. I hope that she is not now the target of those who act to kill those who affront their idea of religion.


This clip encapsulates the clash between the old Islamic traditions and the modern view of culture sweeping through the middle east and the Indian subcontinent. Amazing. And coming to a screen near you. The parts will be flooding in.


Wow! I loved her and the way she kept touching her hair.

I wish Cameron would stand up to Marr and his ilk like that!

Colly Wobbles

aren't religious people strange!

Sandy Jamieson

People like that Imman will not take kindly to being told the truth especially from a woman. For her own safety, Ms Malik better get out of Pakistan immediateley. Islam murders its critics in Pakistan

Martin Sewell

She did a magnificent job.

Islam does have a particular difficulty in integrating with the modern world.
Michael Nazir Ali has observed that there is a core of " Arabness" in Islam which is
Intrinsic. This presents it with difficulty in adaptabilty, not least because there is and cannot be the
Equivalent of a Pope/ General Synod/ convocation that authoritatively enables development to occur.

He contrasts this with Christianity which can be rendered into the cultures, lagged and thought patterns of
the various cultures it encounters. Thus whilst it is possible to speak of feminist theology, African/ liberation theology,
Green theology, gay Christianity as well as ( so called) traditional or orthodox Christianity, such heterodoxy is inconceivable to speak of Islam moving far from it's original cultural context.

Martin Sewell

" lagged". = " languages"


My word, what an impressively powerful person! I was utterly stunned to watch her demolish the cleric!

I've nothing but admiration for her. Would the wider world know about this, I wonder?


As a woman I feel safe in saying 'Isn't she completely beautiful?' and so right as well!

Western women need to find a way of showing real solidarity with brave people like Veena Malik


What a star, brilliant!!


Beauty confronting the beast, and as in all stories of good,slaying the monster.


I love how, without even having seen the show, this cleric thinks he speaks for every single Pakistani. What an idiot.

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