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February 21, 2011


Super Blue


Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

The problem is that they will do just that and many will die or be injured for life as a result. We in the West are playing with forces we barely understand and where in the Vietnam War US Youth burned their Draft Cards and I am sure that many UK Youth would do the same in the event of Conscription here, the Arab will fight to defend his country both from the Infidel as he sees us, and Western meddling. Unlike us they DO have long memories.

I despair of the acts of our Foreign Secretary Hague in this matter and he has proven to me his general incompetence when put in an important Office of State. He was a hopeless Leader of the Conservative Party, achieving the second worst General Election result since the war. In his case the substance has proven to be less than the shadow.

Jack Pershing

Translated as....
We'll kill as many as possible but if the tide looks like turning we'll scarper off with our billions and save our worthless skins.

john parkes

"We shall fight to the last man....we`re right behind you; miles behind you"!!

Mark W

Is this Libya's version of Comical Ali.
Another great call by Blair and the Labour government to make freinds with Ghadaffi, the man is totally unstable and always has been. He's changed of course he has, yeah like hell has he.

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