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February 02, 2011


Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Obama is playing a dangerous game here. Mubarak should be left to stand down as he said at the end of his term and not pushed into it. I can remember the fall of the Shah of Iran precipitated by US meddling under a Democrat President and look at the mess that has caused in the Middle East ever since. If not handled carefully then there could be multi-country instability in that critical area which could even lead to war.

It's a funny thing but in my lifetime (I am 57) I have observed that whilst Democrat Presidents are better for the USA in Domestic matters the Republicans are far better handling the USA's Foreign Policy.


The US does not own Egypt - even thugh it doles out $1.3 billion a year to prop up Mubarak, so it might think it does.

Egyptians of all shades should unite in telling this pipsqueak President to pipe down and back off.

BO has not said a word about the necessity for democracy and human rights in Egypt before now so its the height of hypocricy for him to preach it today.

The man is useless - the Carter of our times, and he has lost Egypt the way that old peanut brain lost Iran.

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