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January 29, 2011


Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

My biggest worry is that if President Mubarak falls then a radical Islamic regime may take over in Egypt having access to the Suez Canal to the detriment of the West. They would also have a common border with Israel who will not stand back and take such a threat lightly. Add to this the fact that Egypt is next to Libya which is oil rich and run by the aging President Gaddafi, currently in the USA's good books, and there could be a whole load of trouble. Best that the West backs Mubarak in this present crisis, he's the devil we know. We should also be mindful that we cannot simply implant our Euro-American system of Democracy on Arab Countries where is is an alien concept. Indeed the only nation in that area which is truly Democratic by Western Standards in Israel, although it is much maligned by leftists, liberals, Guardian Readers and the BBC.

Let us hope for a speedy resolution to the Egyptian Crisis and a peaceful succession of a pro-Western replacement for Mubarak.

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