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November 08, 2010



I don't think you have to admire or even like Putin's policies to have some form of appreciation for the 'manner' he presents himself. Whatever else, the man clearly walks the talk, and is almost certainly not the type you would want to insult to his face.
Well I wouldn't anyway. -:)

Cleethorpes Rock

Putin is a genuine hard man whose governing philosophy can be summed up in two words: RUSSIA FIRST.

I wish our leaders had his backbone.

David MacDonald

Has he taken up husky dog driving yet?

Stephen W

What a prat.

Malcolm Butt

lol - I think it funny!

It's like Gordon Brown trying to act Normal in that U-tube clip! The jiggerly shoulders one.

Moscow Tory

Cleethorpes Rock is spot on. As someone who has regularly been travelling to Russia over the last ten years I can testify that all the negative spin against him in our media is quite perplexing. Certainly he's not guilty of almost all the things he's accused of and the anti-Putin hysteria and bias shown by some journalists like The Economist's Ed Lucas and The Times' Tony Halpin is so inane as to border on self-parody.

Worth remembering that the Conservative Party has an official agreement with Putin's United Russia party and the two regularly share the leadership of the European Democrats group in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

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