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September 23, 2010


john parkes

I wonder why the Obama approach would succeed where previous attempts have failed to secure peace in the Middle East. If it works, it will perhaps only do so because the time for a solution has come, irrespective of who has provided an apparently workable solution; so President Obama need not be too pleased with himself if this is the outcome.
The core of the problem lies in the existence of Israel as a living, independent nation State. There are still many in the rest of the Middle Eastern countries who will oppose this fact with every fibre of their being for as long as it is so. Every sort of reason will be produced and as one question is answered, another will be raised in its place.
When I was a soldier, I was used to being criticised for believing that every problem had a solution; this is what soldiers do. However it could just be that there are some problems that cannot be solved; they merely cease to exist when a key component is eliminated.
It is doubtful if the US will agree any solution that sees the elimination of Israel; while Israel`s opponents will never disappear. So it looks as if for the continuing future, the best we can hope for is an uneasy stalemate while the allies of both sides stand ready to contain any eruption that might lead to warlike instability if it occurs and is left unchecked. Thus we can only hope for as peaceful a co-existence as can be managed in the meantime, even if it lacks a long-term future.


The ball really is in Israels court. They can make or break these talks. They must show they are serious about peace. If not then it will be back to square one and the hatred and killing will go on.

Super Blue

Correction: the MISSILES are in Israel's court (note the apostrophe) because Imadinnerjacket-inspired Hamas have served them there.

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