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March 06, 2010


Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I totally agree with him there!

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

It also has to be said that in a Democratic Country all religions should be given the right to profess themselves and follow their customs and usages BUT not to infringe the rights of other religions which may well differ from theirs nor to break the Law of that land in which they are minorities. If I were to go to an Islamic country I would need to obey and abide by the Rules and Laws in force in that country and would do so. I feel that Islamics in my country which is, at least nominally, Christian should need to abide by our Laws.

Things can only get worse

I was listening until he said he would ban the Quran. Nutter.


Wow. Never had a chance to listen to him before. He's fantastic!

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Yes that was a bit extreme. There are bits in the Bible which could equally be taken, if considered to be literally true, as ill intentioned towards other faiths and nations, especaily in the Old Testament. However, most Christians do NOT take the Bible literally but as an allegory and would not wish to put the adherents of any other religion "to the sword" but to peacefully coexist. Do some Islamics take the Koran to be absolutely true and its contents to be binding upon them without question? Everytime one asks that question there are several different answers given.


The problem is that too many politicians in Britain and Europe have been indulging the backward muslim "community leaders" in their demands for the backward aspects of Islamic theology eg Sharia Courts where a womens testimony is less than that of a mans.

Likewise with Wahabbi / Salafist funding of Mosques, the Authorities allow the most backward and violent ideologues within Islam to provide and fund facilties to spread the backward aspects of both Islamic and Islamist theology.

The farcical and appalling situation at Tower Hamlets Council (Dispatches CH4) where Islamic extremists have managed to get there supporters in positions of power shows just where cultural relativism has got us. How can you have a situation where Muslims in a Council can think that Sharia is a valid policy basis for a Local Authority. Madness.

Multi-culturalism, cultural relativism and the cowardice of Policiticians in failing to confront the backward aspects of Islamic theology are truly despicable.

There are plenty of Muslims who have moved on from Sharia and Islamic theology, so why do the Politicians indulge the extremists who want to inflict Sharia on their fellow Muslims and if the aspiring Islamic theocrats in Tower Hamlets are anything to go by, the rest of the non muslim borough as well.

Scrap Multi-culturalism, no Sharia and no Islamic theology - all of these failed and backward ideologies are alien to Britain...

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Yorkshireman, should we then be reaching out to MODERATE Islamics and getting them on-side against the extremists who ought to be marginalised? I mean those moderate Islamics who would be the Islamic equivalent of the Church of England, Methodists etc if that makes any sense?

Ultimo Tiger

Eventually the moderates will turn on the extremists.

I just hope they do before it's too late for all of us.

Ultimo Tiger

Can't agree with banning books though. That leads down a slippery slope.

How long till certain political party manifestos are banned?

Or how long until a book that is critical of the government is banned?

Going down that route will mean we'll end up like Turkey where criticism of the country gets you thrown in jail.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Yes Ultimo I agree with you there. Now how about this as an idea? Some of those states which are Islamic are rich beyond the dreams of avarice. Why not ask them to print off an English translation of the Koran and make it available for free to any British Citizen who wants one. There could be explanaitory notes as one finds with some better editions of the Bible. Thus we could read the book for ourselves and not relay on second hand interpretations which may have spin put on them. I would rather shake the hand of an Islamic fellow citizen than shake my fist at him.


I would never agree to banning books. Multiculturalism needs to be killed stone dead. Immigrants should make an effort to live as we do and uphold the same values. Public funds should only be made available to encourage one culture, British culture. Tax payers money spent on immigrants should only be used to encourage them to be more British. British culture is clearly superior to most of the world so why would we want to dilute it at the expense of the taxpayer?


I haven't watched TV for ages. Who is this woman? She comes across as astoundingly arrogant.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I can't remember her name to be honest and it really isn't that important. She is one of the modern type of overbearing, cynical and often downright rude TV interviewers we have these days.


I understand that as Mein Kampf was banned in Holland then as the Koran was just as bad it should be also.
If books are not to be banned,then do you disagree with the Dutch government as Mein Kampf is banned.

Mr Angry

Wilders is not only totally right, he is a visionary who has the courage to tell the truth, unlike all of our craven, dhimmi party leaders.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

No Mein Kampf, which I have read in English but not in the original, should NOT be banned, nor should the works of Mao or for that matter Marx. People should actually read Mein Kampf as it had all the warnings in it of what Hitler intended and what he actually did do when he got the chance. Ignore such people at your peril!

William Hill

Catholics, Jews, Blacks, Muslims - yesterdays news.

Let's concentrate on the future and have a sweepstake on who we'll be told to hate next.

I've got five quid that says it'll be gingers.

Any takers ?

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

No wonder Charles Kennedy was doomed to failure then!


First can I advise Edward that the BBC interviewer's name is Emily Maitliss.
You will notice she possesses all the charm of an anaconda denoting that she has most definitely rolled off the BBC News and Current Affairs / Guardian production line.

There is not even any attempt now by the BBC to honour their charter and act 'politically impartially'.
Deviate one iota from approved leftist orthodox views on any subject - Immigration, Asylum, The EU, Climate change, Multiculturalism etc, and BBC interviewers' conform like robots to attack 'the deviant'.
At the same time they (the BBC) will ensure that only one opinion, or set of opinions, is allowed to prevail in every current affairs or debate type programme - contrary opinions (which usually reflect the majority view of the British public) are ruthlessly suppressed or misrepresented.



as ill intentioned towards other faiths and nations, especaily in the Old Testament.

Yes but they were Pagan religions and 'nations' is a funny notion. You should read The Old Testament some time, maybe you have a soft spot for Jezebel or find the notion of the Persians saving Jews in Esther too unrealistic.

I do not know if any Synagogue or Church urges its congregants to kill those of a different faith or even pagans, but you obviously do.

There is too much Relativism and you seem besotted with it. How could you write something as stupid as: ask them to print off an English translation of the Koran

Don't you know there is NO English translation of The Koran. It exists ONLY in Arabic as the "true" and "unalterable" Word of Allah and cannot be illustrated, translated, or interpreted.

It is the basis of Arab identity, the fundamentals of Arab culture. It is to be read ONLY in Arabic which is why Muslim schools teach Arabic.

This is why Islam is not Christianity, and despises the lax and self-serving approach of nominal Christians to their faith - even though Western Christianity has little connection with a Jewish Jesus.

Insulting Islam by telling people to read it in English translation is typical of the pathetic level of education in Britain. Blair read The Koran in Penguin translation; Anthony Eden read it in Arabic....it did neither man any good as they embroiled us in Middle East wars.

Ron Todd

It is not the religion as such, they are all absurd. It is the cultures that come with the religions that we need to be worried about.

If that culture disrespects women does not want to integrate does not respect people of other religions or none, puts religion ahead of civil society and harbours extreamists and terrorists then when we have a government that wants to give preferance to that culture for the sake of a few votes then we have a problem.


David Cameron supports the so called "Multi-culturalism", it will end in massive bloodshed for Muslims, Christians & Politicians, i remember the Multi-culturalism experiment in Yugoslavia which ended in Civil war, the EU civil war will be alot worse! Multi-Culturalism will not, does not, cannot ever work.

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