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December 13, 2009


Victor Southern

Some politicians are even more unpopular than Brown. Imagine that happening in the UK....mmm.

ken from glos

Good. The chump deserves it.

Will S

Ken, nobody likes Politics to be lowered to that level. Then again, Berlusconi started it really. Bloody scumbag idiot.

Tom FD

Over here it's usually the Deputy Prime Minister throwing the first punch...


Watch the politcos garner more protection for their class. The more power they take, the greater the resistance. It's a vicious circle which can only be resolved by their relinquishing the power they should never have taken in the first place.

The Berlin Wall springs to mind. Romania has lessons, too.

Mark in Coventry

No matter what the politics, no one deserves this what so ever. If you hate the politics, then the ballot box is the only way to over turn things - violence has no place at all.

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