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February 20, 2009


Pat Guide

Well said and thank you President Klaus.

It's a pity that the leaders of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democratic didn't make such a speech.

Prseident Klaus has shown up Messrs Cameron, Brown and Clegg as being gutless on Britain's EU membership.

Britain would be better off out of Europe.


It's good to see yet another UKIP video posted here!

michael mcgough

I hear some Tories walked out,notably arch europhile Beazley who I understand may defect.
hic ,hic

Lindsay Jenkins

I was lucky enough to be in the gallery for Mr Klaus' powerful speech in favour of freedom.

What this video does not show you is that Mr Klaus was battling at one point to be heard above the shouting;

that at least half the socialist bloc walked out - some flamboyantly;

that the clapping as the speech progressed was largely from the tiny independent group (IND/DEM) at the back of UKIP, other independents and two Conservatives (Helmer and Hannan) who are not allowed to be part of the EPP.

In particular most of the Conservative group (EPP) did not clap the latter part of the speech and I spotted only three MEPs from that group responding positively to Klaus - one of whom was Sayed Kamall. The other two may or may not have been British.

But that leaves most of the British contingent of Conservatives largely sitting on their hands.


michael mcgough

"But that leaves most of the British contingent of Conservatives largely sitting on their hands."




Excellent. Lebenraum or Warsaw Pact the Czechs get it. Gold stars or red stars the outcome is just the same.

chris southern

unfortunately he is pissing in wind.
the communist oligarchy of the EU don't want democracy, nor do they want a freemarket (what we currently have is a trade block, wghich is forcing other trade blocks to be formed)

Better of out i'm afraid.

Martin Callanan MEP

I was present in the chamber throughout the excellent address from Vaclav Klaus and the comment above from Lindsay Jenkins above is just not true. All of the Conservative MEP's sitting near me were enthusiastically applauding his remarks and stood to give him a standing ovation at the end. Those I spoke to afterwards all agreed that he was treated disgracefully by Poettering, the Socialists and some of the EPP. They cannot abide hearing criticism of their precious project. Please don't try and create Conservative divisions where there aren't any.

Lindsay Jenkins

Mr Callanan - I described what I saw. And I was shocked.

I should be grateful if you did not falsely ascribe motives to me.


This is a man that lived under the Communists dictators in Czechslovakia and those MPs who heckled and walked out during his speech (and remmber he is the head of state in the Czech republic), acted like dictators who don't want to allow any view which runs counter to theirs.

Anyone who thinks the EU is not a threat to democracy should be shown this video.

Peter  Watson

By ignoring us, the people who pay for this fascist circus known as the EU, there will be yet another European war. I would bet my life on it.

michael mcgough

"Please don't try and create Conservative divisions where there aren't any."

What about the division between those who wish to remain in the EPP and those that wish to leave.I bet they weren't all clappy happy.

Nicholas Keen

Vaclav Klaus may be playing to his domestic audience as a foil to the progress of the Lisbon Treaty through the Czech parliament, but I find myself agreeing with everything he says. It's much preferable to the endless defeatism, self justification and compromise from the perfidious apologists within the British establishment.

Roger Helmer

I would hesitate to intervene in an exchange between my good friends Lindsay Jenkins and Martin Callanan. But it is certainly true that quite a number of Conservative colleagues joined enthusiastically in the standing ovation at the end of the speech.

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