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February 17, 2009


steve foley

"Judge ye not that you be not judged"

He would not be the first politician of any type to be "tired and emotional" on TV. People of my age can remember George Brown on the occasion of President Kennedy's assassination appearing on TV in his cups, Sir Nicholas Scott, the former Tory MP for Chelsea, is alleged to have fallen over drunk in the street. President Sarkozy appeared on TV to have imbibed his Vin Ordinaire rather generously, and we all know about Boris Yeltsin and his drinking when he was so "tired" that he could not leave his aircraft to meet the Irish PM at Shannon airport. Even President Bush (Senior) was sick at a banquet right next to the then Japanese PM.

Politicians are often in situations were the hospitality flows freely. I would not judge the Japanese (former) Finance Minister too harshly.

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