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September 22, 2008



usual porkies. More like 25,000 turned up according to local officials and reporters. Not bad for a GOP area but wait Obama was campaigning in Flrodia's GOP heartlands and pulled 20,000.



Surely it was 5000 after taking into account the lefty media love affiar with 'the one'


Gil ole' boy, you don't get the American media.

For Fox News, think "news organization that would regard Kelvin MacKenzie as a closet lefty and David Cameron as a borderline commie."

For the main TV networks plus public broadcasting and CNN, think "news organizations that have adored John McCain for the past 20 years, in part because he invites them to his mansion-size cabin for really good barbecues."

For "investigative reporters" at national and network news organizations, think "grossly overpaid typists that can copy a press release."

For "local officials and reporters", think "people whose word you can actually trust."


Strange how our biggest broadcasting outlet didn't bother to cover this development... I'm not suggesting bias of course. Our beloved BBC would never do anything to slight a Republican, surely!!

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