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August 07, 2008


Yet Another Anon

Who made that, the Respect Party or something, one of the most absurd political adverts of all time with gross exaggeration and misrepresentation.


Just a film-geek point, but he's not actually portrayed as Dr Strangelove, but rather as Air Force General Buck Turgidson. Strangelove is the Peter Sellers character of the former Nazi scientist who still holds some of his former views (and saluting actions), based on Werner von Braun.

The ad certainly portrays McCain as gung-ho and warmongering (I think unfairly) but it doesn't portray him as a Nazi fugitive who wants a population ratio in the survival bunker of "ten females to each male"...

stephen hoffman

i thought obama believed in change and wads above negative campaigning -this ad proves what a phoney he is.

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