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August 08, 2008


Pete L

I'm no expert on USA politics but it seems to me that Senator McCain is getting desperate. Firstly he has stopped talking about himslef & his policies and instead is focussing on Senator Obama. Secondly, any half-decent politician can be liked, perhaps even admired by their political opponents, often whilst at the same time being criticised by members of their own party (especially ex-opponents who ran against them to become the party's nominee for President).
McCain's most glaring weakness however is that whilst America yearns for change, he is seen as 'same old, same old' and that is not intended as a veiled reference to his age. His 'spin doctors' are desperately trying to portray McCain as a maverick to distance him from his party and policies, surely not a winning formula.

Harry Palmer

Another witty, intelligent and effective ad from McCain. And yet more hypocritical attacks against him for the crime of daring to actually campaign against the Blessed Obama.


What opponents attacking him. Even Romney said he would make a fine commander in chief. The Ad has it right, McCain has a list as long as his arm of bills that have the co sponsor of a democrat while Hilary comment on Barack says it all.

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