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August 16, 2008


Philip Walker

I have been learning we have to be a bit careful about Christian endorsement. We need discernment. At least one of those listed as an endorser of this group (Matthew 25 Network) that supports Obama might be someone (unless there is a co-incidence of a same name) who denies the central Christian truth that on the Cross Jesus died to bear God's wrath for our sins. This one of the non-negotiable truths of Christianity, because if God has no wrath to pour out, then we have no need to me be saved from it. Hence no need for Jesus (so perhaps all we would need is charismatic politicians to bring hope and peace to the world). I don’t know much about Matthew 25 Network or whether this particular endorsement automatically means Matthew25 holds the same beliefs as he does, but my point is we need to be careful about assuming a group calling itself "Christian" in fact fully represents core Christian truth.

As for Andrew Sullivan saying "The contrast with the once-philandering, adulterous divorcé running for the GOP goes unstated"., while not wanting to judge John McCain’s true state of repentance or otherwise before God on these matters, these were “once”, and there is, through Christ, such a thing as repentance, forgiveness and a new start. The relevant factor in looking at a candidate for political office must be his/her current policies, ideas.

As for Obama being a family man, we in the UK surely know there are plenty of politicians who are faithful family people in their own lives, but use their office to enact policies that weaken marriage and the family.

Jeremy Penda

Keep up the good work!

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