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January 08, 2008


Tony Makara

Mr Clinton is right. Obama is over-rated and not the white knight he claims to be.


The republicans will have a field day with his drug taking in the past (as in junkie level use) - dabbling with pot may be passable, but i dount the electorate will once the republican machine gets spinning.

I still think clinton may win in NH, and if not, will win big on super tuesday (taking california/new york) etc...massive amounts of delegates for the conventions. I still hope bloomberg will think of running as an independant to show americans that a two party state only breeds inaction and elitism - i would have loved to have seen a rice/clinton showdown though. Her [Rice] closeness to the Iraq war could prove an advantage in a campaign (Iraq is improving - much to democrat horror) - her intelligence and experience far outweighs any in the democrat/GOP line up. Its a pity.

Michael Rutherford

I'm afraid the answer has to be, "tough". Papers and television crews will ask the questions tht to ask. If the Clintons throw a strop when things aren't going to well they'll just look desperate for power.

You could also ask Medicare and whether Bill Clinton is the only reason for Hillary's popularity.

As soon as they hype goes, he'll start getting tougher interviews.


If anything is discovered via the results in NH - Polls are rubbish in both the USA and UK.


I think Clinton is partially right... I do believe that Obama can bring some good changes...just not as many as he has promised...and certainly not as many as people expect him to bring...I mean c'mon people you are expecting something that no prsident can do..he does not have a magic wand!

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