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November 29, 2007


sue ward


What a brillent banter between the two of them.

It is time for the USA to stop sending out mixed messages.

If you do the crime you should pay the time and get tough on illegals once and for all,otherwise but the time any laws are enforced there will be another 12 million or so in the USA

One one hand they talk about giving illegals driving lisenses and on the other hand deport them.

More time should be spen't on dealing with the backloggs, delays and erros that LEGAL immigrants face.

Many of the members of www.expatsvoice.org are landlocked through no fault of thier own. If a visa holder dies then the spouse status is cancelled.

About time there was a compassionate visa for legals as so many are torn apart and cannot visit termanilly ill relatives



Totally agree with the comments been made
Landlocking should be dealt with and concentrate on the Legal people here try to help them first !!!!!


There is a huge illegal problem here in the US of that there is no doubt, but it has a way of distracting the public from the real problem and that is of legal immigrants. We have huge hurdles to overcome in order to comply with visa regulations, and invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to create jobs and help the economy, but are treated like dirt by USCIS and the staff at the US Embassy - especially in the UK. WHY? Illegals get access to health care and education, but legals do not. Our families are torn apart because our children are forced to return "home" once they turn 21 even though this country may have been the only home they know. Unless the Government fixes the broken immigration system and acknowledges the impact made on the country by legal immigrants and investors, they will find more of us will start to pack our bags and go where we are made to feel more welcome. That will be a huge loss for the US. Come on guys, wake up and smell the coffee already! Secure your borders and fix the immigration system so that legals get a fair chance, and stop trying to help the illegals!

Julie Pierce

I totally agree with Mitt Romney's comments about legal vs Illegal. However those of us that try to abide by the rules are being penalised. My husband and I are British Citizens and moved to the US 2 years ago on an investor visa.( bringing almost $500K) despite building a viable business, last month we were told we have two years to get out as we have no DIRECT employees (though we have indirectly created employement to the tune of hundreds of thousands$$) ...apparently they have decided to change the interpretation of the rules - no employees = no visa. We have no right of appeal. I know of several british citizens in the same position who are leaving the US like rats from a sinking ship. Unless the US starts to treat its 'allies" with more respect then the only immigration will be the illegal kind.

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