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January 22, 2010



Yeah!!! Millions of people are still gonna be without any health insurance!!!! Yahooooooo!!!!

Hilarious, definitely worth having a joke about.

Typical Conservatives.

Jack Stone

Your be dancing on peoples graves soon. This is gutter politics and you should be ashamed of yourself.

John Smith

Am I the only Tory-supporting person who actually finds republicanism mildly repugnant?

I'm all for the free market, but, I emphatically disagree with their scary passion for evangelical religion, borderline nationalism and their complete protection of the divided health system. The NHS needs dramatic reform, but it's substantially better than the system in America where over 50 million citizens are not covered.


Oh do sod off. Most Americans don't want a socialist health care systm and have told the Blessed One so in no uncertain fashion.

This is a brilliant parody and very funny.

BO is finished - that's why he's frothing at the banks - in an effort to distract attention.

martin sewell

Actually what you were supporting was a financial disaster to everybody - including Medicare and MedicAid - and the more ordinary voters learnt the less they wanted it.

The Scott Brown result was a revolt in the deep deep heart of Liberal America. With a total legislative power, and a Super Majority rendering the Republicans completely impotent, Obama STILL could not get this project through. So do not blame conservatives.

With the typical arrogance of the left, the radicals totally refused to talk about reform across the aisle. They bribed, threatened, and held closed door meetings ( where was all the talk of "transparency"). They planned to tax at 40% any "Cadillac policies" - but exempted two groups Unions and trial lawyers. Let me think now, who were his biggest campaign contributors - oh yes Unions and trial lawyers - but no connection there, obviously.

The left lampoons Conservatives as stupid from Coolidge through Eissenhower to Reagan and Bush, and almost every news comedy show is stuffed with comedians against the right. So are we going to have a laugh at this time ( largely with relief) You bet - and don't be such a poe faced idiot when you know ( or ought to know) that the Conservatives tried to bring down health care costs by authorising competition across state boundaries and by introducing tort reform to get the burden of litigation costs down.

One final thought. There were, amongst the opponents of Obama Care people who were currently numbered amongst the uninsured ,but in that attitude that typifies the best of America, they planned to be back in work and buying the best insurance they could afford - but one of their own choosing.

Dror Ben Ari

Heh @ the idea the Conservatives give a fig about the NHS given the reaction by this website at the notion of universal healthcare.

You do realise that the public don't actually trust you on the NHS, right?

Jack Stone

John Smith.No!

martin sewell


The regular liberal line that there are 30 million uninsured always suggests that these are largely the poor, but in the USA there is already Federal MediCare and MedicAid. Forces veterans and their families have access to Hospitals - which may account for healthy recruiting figures for the military - and the Churches maligned by John Smith above do sterling work.

Amongst those choosing not to insure yet will be many young people reckoning that they don't yet need to commit to this form of insurance.

One of the concerns of Obama Care was the ballooning costs with the proposed illegal immigration which is already a problem for existing state provision.

If you want a good resume of the objections to Obama Care by one of America's clearest Conservative commentators do look at Phyllis Schlafly at


Sad & very distasteful.

Make's a mockery out of the NHS & the 'Rwanda' project that this site.. allegedly champions.

Tim & Jonathan... need to take a look in the mirror.

Matt Woods

I know the NHS isn't perfect, but I'm not sure the people I know who were nearly ruined by medical bills when their son died of Brain Cancer would find this so funny.


Dror Ben Ari is correct - the crowing about Obama's troubles reforming healthcare only serves to remind us that the Conservative Party fundamentally disagrees with the idea of the NHS, and is only putting up with it for electoral reasons. On the other hand, it doesn't matter all that much - with our system of 'elected dictatorship', only the Prime Minster's view matters, and I think we can trust Cameron to protect, and even attempt to improve, the NHS. Shame about the rest of them, though.


Very funny. Some of the people here need to lighten up.


This is a piece of political satire for goodness sake!

I wonder whether some of those bleating about this are some of the same people who are quite happy to laugh if the victim is someone from the centre right?

I make no comment about the rights and wrongs of Obama's Health care policy because I've not studied the issues to any depth but as far as the clip is concerned, I don't think it is any worse than might have been seen on a Bremner, Bird & Fortune or Spitting Image.

John Moss

Not sure if this is true, but I recall a report somewhere stating that the US spent over $200bn on healthcare through the public hospitals and ambulance services which provided healthcare to those who were uninsured.

If that is correct, then it would suggest they spend more than we do through the NHS on our "uninsured" population.

Paul J

NHS- free at the point of use so that you can't complain about the crap service. Paid for by taxes that provide incredibly poor value for money.

The current American system isn't perfect but the NHS model is probably the worst one in the world.

John Moss

Reps are offering far more radical ideas on healthcare reform than Obama.



The Patients Choice Act of 2009 (H.R. 2520 and S. 1099), offered by Congressmen Paul Ryan (R-WI), Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Senators Tom Coburn (R-OK) and Richard Burr (R-NC) would have replaced the existing patchwork system of tax breaks with a universal system of tax credits. The Improving Health Care for All Americans Act (H.R. 3218), sponsored by Congressman John Shadegg (R-AZ), would have allowed Americans with employer-based coverage to keep it and would also have extended tax breaks to Americans choosing to purchase insurance on their own, or provided a voucher for those who don’t pay income taxes. The Empower Patients First Act (H.R. 3400), sponsored by Congressman Tom Price (R-GA), would have reversed current tax inequality by extending tax credits and deductions to all Americans, regardless of whether they receive their insurance from their employer or purchase it individually.

Super Blue

The NHS's next task: transplanting a sense of humour into Dror Ben Ari.

Sungei Patani

Dror Ben Ali

According to the latest opinion polls more people in England/Wales trust the Conservatives to New Labour on the NHS.

It is about time that Obama was treated with the same sort of scepticism as all other US politicians. He has almost been beatified to date


DNA said "Sad & very distasteful.

Make's a mockery out of the NHS & the 'Rwanda' project that this site.. allegedly champions.

Tim & Jonathan... need to take a look in the mirror."

I also find this video offensive and not particularly funny, and it's good to see so many people from the Conservative end of the spectrum standing up for the NHS.

However I think this part of the site (unlike ConservativeHome) is intended to carry stuff from all ends of the political spectrum, rather than just reflecting Tim and Jonathan's views.


This video is good. Frankly, anybody who thinks that state healthcare for all is affordable at this stage in history are deluded. Countries that do bring it in cripple themselves financially. We are a classic example. The reality is that the americans have a choice between being a great country and having state healthcare for all. They have chosen to sacrifice for greatness. Good for them. In any case for most US citizens the "sacrifice" will lead to excellent private healthcare, better than what the average Brit has. Don't worry though, nobody is stopping us from being mediocre. We can stick to our failure.


Personally the cost of state healthcare is worth it, or do you all want to see pensioners, poor families and the such dying, suffering, and struggling with disease and ailments? If so, then you're a bunch of bloody sickos.

Coming through the Rye

Are you deliberately TRYING to lose the election? Jeez! Not funny, not witty, just confirming the prejudices of everyone who thinks Conservatives are moral throwbacks.

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