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August 11, 2009



Must have took him years to think this one up. If in doubt go for the class card!


Can't imagine what the audience found to laugh at. As Frankie H used to say 'It's apity to mock the afflicted!' It wasn't a bit like DC - if that's who it was meant to be. Have long suspected RB of being a Lib Dem, this would be just about their standard!


This is hilarious- Cameron is 'The People's Toff'! Get the joke Tories, the man doesn't have a clue what goes on in the real world!

Jamal Akhbar

Should have done Prescott or Brown to get the right connections with the zeitgeist.

Bremner is just another Labour slag.

Daniel M

I am so sorry to see Rory Bremner, who is normally so witty and whom we so much admire, descend to such a feeble, failed attempt at humour.

As Ad says above, "play the class card" if you are desperately short of substance.

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