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September 16, 2008


Jane Gould

was the Donna lookalike recruited because she WAS a Donna lookalike? did life mimic art?

Kevin Davis

A very good reason why this lot should not be leading the free world. If they had time for this then what hope for Obama.


I don't think it's the real Obama HQ Kevin!!!!!!

I love the impersonation of McCain and Palin.

Karen Hubley

To Kevin:
You are the reason the free world is in jepardy and has been subjected to Bushamania for 8 years. This is a joke stupid! Please tell me you haven't registered to vote. Dear god!


Cool!! Gave me goosebumps. Ignore the haters!


Only Broadway geeks would like this. Count me in the numbers of geeks who loved it!!


I love it! But am I the only one who caught the misspelling at the beginning? Headquarters not HEADQUATERS

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