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November 04, 2007


Tony Makara

As a teenager I used to be a keen DXer and would write to radio stations asking for QSL cards. The Communist Eastern bloc countries would always respond enthusiastically with QSL card and wads of additional propaganda. Recognizing that I was a teenager they mostly sent glossy magazines featuring lots of pictures of gorgeous looking girls from their various youth movements (The East German one's were always the best!) and lots of stuff about the steroid enhanced achievements of their sports stars. The propaganda was lavish and fantastic and I really kick myself now to think I threw all that stuff in the bin. What a price it would have fetched today on e-bay.

Umbrella man


Imagine if you put Hitler/ Nazi propaganda videos on here --- people would be up in arms --- although as an exercise in history the Nazis and commies both as unacceptable as each other.


Sounds like someone's been living under an umbrella...SOOO much difference between the nazis and the soviets...the nazis spread a racist ideology, where as the soviets just believed in one race, the HUMAN RACE and wanted to free it from the conditions it was living in because the rich rulers were keeping all the money and not sharing it...kind of like today still really!!

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