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May 17, 2012



Stalin to Bean to Hannibal Lecter.

Andrew Smith

The only one who was punished with a fine was Farage, because in the European "Parliament" they like opposition even less than Brune used to do.

Public Sector Worker

The more I see some of these, the worse they get.

Cable's is terrible as he stumbles to get the words out, with Farron willing him on - so obviously scripted rather than spontaneous.

As for Farage, regardless of how you feel about the EU, that was incredibly ill mannered. And he also looks like a low grade bank clerk himself. I realise this will enrage some of our resident Kippers, but I'm passed caring now.

Judith Holfernes

Why are Conservatives always so rude about others? Are they perfect themselves? Do Conservatives not make mistakes or exhibit human flaws? What is it about the Conservative mindset that brings out such bile, spite and petty mindedness? Anyone would think Conservatives have all the answers and are perfect in every way. What low arrogance and narrow blinkered myopia.

David MacDonald

So Mr Farage was ill mannered? Yes, I think he was a bit OTT though the point that Rumpy Pumpy is paid more than Obama is very apt. Now, how about you glorious leader branding UKIP members as “Fruitcakes and Closet Racists?”

Public Sector Worker

Judith, you realise that none of those shown were actually Conservatives, right? Well, only the one from the HoL that flicked the V sign at her colleague.

christina Speight

What I want to know is why ConHome is rehashing these age-old insults most very good ones in their prime.

christina Speight

Sorry - Most NOT very good ones in their prime"

Public Sector Worker

Christina, it was a segment on Daily Politics today.

Edward Huxley

I believe Nigel Farage was called into the headmaster`s study and had to pay a fine.

Funny thing, Cameron`s "fruitcakes and closet racists" insult about people he had never met is acceptable. It was backed up by a quote from Operation Black Vote.

Paul Harris

What they all have in common is that none have any answers. It takes intelligence to solve problems.

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