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August 03, 2010


Ultimo Tiger

I'm sure most Lib Dems will take it in their stride.

Afterall, he's now the most powerful Deputy PM in the history of the land. Chew on that statirists.

rob g

Its not like hes the first politician to be made a figure of fun in cartoons. I saw one the other day of micheal foot been blown up by Maggie Thatcher in a vulcan bomber.

Ken Stevens

Wasn't "Spitting Image" a favourite of politicians caricatured in the programme?

The time to worry is when no-one thinks you're significant enough to lampoon!

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

All politicans have to put up with lampooing. Indeed they used to say that they new they had arrived when they beacme a puppet on Spitting Image or were mentioned in Private Eye.

Elaine Turner

I think David Steele's comments are interesting - he felt and feels that he suffered from being in David Owen's shadow (which he was).

I am not sure that we should worry about it - it is for the Libs to do so - it would worry me if the cartoonery were the other way around.

ed t

Lib Dems should be flattered. Welcome to Government- now grow up!

Dontmakemelaugh:  The Cami-Nickers EU love-in Party

There is a lot to lampoon Clegg about. Lampoon, buffoon, harpoon take your pick. Many a jest is spoken in truth.


LOL we waited for decades to be important enough to be mocked like this! ;-)

Stephen W

Who gives a flying f*** about what the guardian and observer cartoonists draw. Their share of the print media, let alone the tv and online media, is tiny and irrelevant.

Steve Bell and whoever that other person was are awful, embittered, tribal hard-left hacks, and their cartoons are weak. I have various non-political friends who have no time for the tories and read the guardian regularly but even they are baffled by steve bell's awful and simplistic efforts.

Why did channel 4 make a show concentrating solely on the guardian and guardian on sunday, and pretend as though this meant the media as one was rising up to belittle clegg? Of course the guardian, poster child for hard-left bigotry, propoganda and lies, doesn't like Clegg. He played them like fools, even getting their nomination before siding with us. They must feel like idiots. Why anyone else should care that they're fuming bitterly in opposition is beyond me.

I have to say, I'm impressed at the degree that simon hughes is currently standing up for the coalition across numerous broadcast and print media. Of course he's not expressing unadulterated admiration for us, but he has been relentless in defending the coalition against Labour and the libdem's contribution to that, far more than I expected given his reputation as a left-wing troublemaker.

Nigel Harte

He's a bit of a joke is our Nick, but a useful one

Tony G

All politicans have to endure lampooing. Indeed they familiar with condition they new they'd turned up after they beacme a puppet on Spitting Image or were stated in Private Eye

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