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August 01, 2010


Stephen W


Patsy Sergreant

What else would you expect on BBC! They are sooo clever.


Is there any market for left-wing "comedians" like this pair other than the BBC?

rob g

If you cant laugh at yourself who can you laugh at.


The BBC is totally beyond redemption. Every time their obvious left wing bias is highlighted (usually with numeous examples) they still bleat on about how 'impartial' they are - b******s.
I read today (Mail on Sunday) that Jacqui Smith is in the running for a position as one of the BBC's Board of Trustees. Salary £77k for 2 days a week.
That should be a good example to hold up by the BBC of impartiality - don't you think? Not a very good example of good use of licence payers' money eitherI would have thought?


Oh come on guys, I'm a DC supporter and I can find this funny. Its called satire and it happens to everyone. Harping on about 'leftwingers' over something so trivial does you a dis-service and makes you look a bit mad.

Also, Hugh Dennis is great on the Now Show on R4 and has a go at everyone, Labour included.


Mock the Week is a flagship BBC programme and is the BBC idea of a cutting edge comedy show.
These are five stand up comedians who would find it difficult to get work elsewhere unless it was club work. Unfortunately the tax payers licence fee pays their BBC TV salaries.

Victor Southern

It is dreadful to realise that we are stuck with the Labour quangocracy for a very long time. They appoint each other, you see. It is only by abolishing these quangos that we can rid of the apparatchiks.


Some of the comments on this thread are almost as amusing as the video!

David Cameron is Prime Minister. I am proud to live in a country where we are at liberty to mock our leader without fear of retribution. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the supposed ideological leanings of the BBC...its just a bunch of comedians having a laugh at a prominent politician.


Why get upset about that.When the BBC have and since the BLAIR disaster project given us years of satire.It happened the other day when PRESCOTT was on the CHILCOT enquiry.Plus every time the nu/old LABOUR leadership contenters have a "We were their when all of the disastrous descisions were made.Knowing what a mess they would lead to and damage the country.As we wanted to hold on to our jobs and perks we kept quiet".Never mind we are wuite propared to sell our souls to the union barons.Then back to the limos and all that dosh.


SENTINEL OF HARTLEPOOL - she has applied for the job. The article is quite clear she won't get it.
As someone who watches this show regularly I've seen them take the mick out of all politicians. By taking two minutes of comedy and trying to show some kind of 'bias' makes you look like loons.






They're comedians. They mock everyone. This is nothing to do with a "left-wing communist comedy conspiracy" against the Tories or David Cameron. Put your tin hats away and get over it.

Matt Woods

People need to get over themselves. I thought it was pretty funny and Mock the Week works well because they take the p*** out of everyone.

Most BBC comedians are left wing because most comedians are left wing. Mocking the powerful and privileged will always get more laughs than jokes about public spending restraint or welfare. I suppose it's just one of those jobs right-wing types don't consider!


Apart from Frankie Boyle, who was the only reason to watch the show, the rest of the comedians are feeble.

Russell Howard is simply not funny. He's nothing more a patronising left wing snob, who will inevitably at some point in his "act" make a reference to "rrrrrracism" or some other cause of the left in order to try and embellish his own PC credentials.

Carry on being un-funny Howard............

Dave Bush

What a lot of twaddle. Show me a right-wing comedian who is any way nearly funny.

Elaine Turner

Thank you to ConHome for allowing me to see a bit that we forgot to record. That was very amusing, by and large the programme is amusing. Hugh Dennis is consistantly brilliant (Russell a little less so) If you didn't find that amusing, take yourselves to Marks and Spencers tomorrow and look for a sense of humour, not just any sense of humour, but a Marks and Spencer one!

Steve Tierney

Quite funny. I enjoyed it. They used to have fun with Gordon too, back in the day. Comedy is always a bit lefty, but this was tame by comparison to some of the "Mock The Week" comedians.

Marc Heine

There is no such thing as bad publicity, so long as they get your name right. Being joshed a bit by the odd comedian or two is part of what fame--so-called--is all about, and the more the merrier. They joked about that dreary nonentity Wilson--I can certainly remember that far back--they joked about Heath, Thatcher, Major etc. It's show business, sub-section "Politics".

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Far better comedy than brokeback coalition, just goes to show Tories have all had a switch in their brains turned off when it comes to comedy!!!


This is satire which happens to every PM unless we want to live in a semi dictatorship worshipping the 'dear leader'. Dave Bush - well Bob Hope, Kelsey Grammar, Jim Davidson, Jimmy Tarbuck, Bruce Forsyth and Bob Monkhouse and Kenney Everett are/were all fummy right-wingers, and Michael Macintyre is also rumoured to be a Tory!


And they spent months mocking Gordon Brown as (among many other things) looking like a scrotum. Your point?


The best bit of comedy I've seen all week is right here in this thread - bleating about BBC "left-wing bias".... then quoting as gospel the Fail/Mail on Sunday - HAAAAAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHAH *cough, splutter, pause for breath* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Far better to absorb your current affairs ideology from a publication owned by one of our country's most successful pornographers than those lefty scamps at the beeb, innit?

I'm sorry, I've just died laughing.

Lorah Harvey

Have any of you 'left wing' haters watched the show in any form other than this clip. Labour MPs and cabinet ministers used to get the same treatment as the current Conservative high flyers. Lib dems actually get the worst so don't go writing 15 page letters of complaint because you are all way off line.

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