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February 19, 2010


Murdo McSponge

If we come out with any ads, that's what we can expect. People will take the micky if they don't respect us. Thats the problem.


They got Cameron bang to right and I do not know about the 270 degrees he can turn arounb in spades and then some.

people are beginning to wake up to this chancer and he is giving him all the ammunition they need by the speadeful.

What a waste of Lord Cashcrofts money.


Sorry for the typo that should read Spadeful.

Matt Woods

Six Labour-supporting comedians on the BBC take the piss out of Tories. Nothing new there. At least Frankie Boyle was an equal-oppotunities offender!

I suppose that we should be flattered that we're getting so much attention. They're obviously thinking we'll be the government fairly soon.


Their remarks could have been far worse.

Reminds me of the phrase "There's no such thing as bad publicity."

Victor Southern

It is an offence to make jokes about trade unionists, chavs, benefit scroungers, asylum seekers or any minority race. That means the only available jokes must be about sexual innuendo, explicit sex, the middle class and toffs. Fortunately Dara Obriaian, or however he spells it, is largely incomprehensible anyway.

T.England. Very working class.

"Six Labour-supporting comedians on the BBC take the piss out of Tories. Nothing new there. At least Frankie Boyle was an equal-oppotunities offender!"

Spot on :O)

Jack Stone

Putting that on this site shows just where the editors agenda`s lie. They want a Conservative victory about as much as Gordon Brown does!!!


Idea for new Conservative Party election poster:-

Make Labour His Tory


@Cleethorpes Rock, you're just paranoid, they spend far more time making fun of Brown than they do on the Tories.

Matt Woods

I know corporeal, you're right. I really don't think this is too big a deal. That's the point I was making about Frankie Boyle, who frequently told jokes about Brown and Alex Salmond.

Bedd Gelert

Take a chill pill guys - do you really want to be in a position where nobody bothers to take the p!$$ out of the Tories because they have Iain Howard Vague in charge ??


Its worst because this was repeated on the One Show last night. They justified it by doing a feature on poster campaigns, but the slant was anti-Tory. CO should keep an eye on this programme because it has an underlying political agenda.

Mark W

Rather than make comments on here go and complain I've stopped watching this programme as it is so biased and the one with the glasses Russell something or other is another comedian who is a right on leftie but not funny.

John Coles

Yet another thread where everyone is forgetting that the leader sees nothing wrong with the BBC. If Mr Cameron is "a great fan of the BBC", can there be much wrong with that august institution?

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I feel we fall down badly on the poster stakes as we try to copy the American way of doing them. What may work well in Reading Pennsylvania won't work in Reading UK. Yanks do not do Irony and tend to go for the "Mon and Apple Pie" approach whereas we Brits are a bit more cynical.

Better research needed I think at CCHQ as regards posters.


How much clear evidence do you all need to confirm beyond a doubt that the BBC has completely and utterly ripped up it's charter which calls for it to to "INFORM, EDUCATE AND ENTERTAIN". There is no impartiality, it, (the BBC), is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Labour Party.
They are kind to Cameron because they know he is not really a Conservative and the Conservative Party under him will pursue the same treacherous path as Labour and Lib Dem.
Meanwhile every opportunity will be taken to ridicule true 'Conservative' values -
The News Quiz
Mock The Week
The Now Show
The One Show

need I continue.

When Simon Heffer called the BBC 'The Taliban wing of the European Commission' and the 'British Brainwashing Corporation' he summed it up perfectly.
Time to face the facts, the BBC will NEVER give fair expression to those who genuinely want to protect our country and values.

I speak as an ex-Conservative member who 8 years ago defected to UKIP but I know that grass roots Tories share my concern that the leadership is so out of touch and trusting of the BBC.


"There's a guy in a garage for some reason." - Try to grasp this, Dara. A guy in a garage is called a mechanic. He has a J-O-B and has to work ordinary hours for an ordinary wage to support his family. The taxes of millions of people just like him go towards funding the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation so it can give you obscene amounts of money to sit on your fat backside making jokes about people who, successfully or not, are trying to make this country a better place to live.

The next Conservative government MUST reform the BBC so that it can never again waste people's taxes on propaganda. The first person I would fire is David Dimbleby whose partisanship is utterly disgraceful, particularly on an allegedly unbiased forum such as Question Time. However, large numbers of senior managers, producers and presenters need to follow him out the door. No doubt their beloved Liebour Party will give them jobs.

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