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April 15, 2009


Tom FD

A rat chasing its own tail, no less.


The rats replaced the snakes of the 80's and early 90's. Prime Ministers were shagged in number 10 by an MP, there were cash for questions and toe sucking MP's.

Andrew S

That rat looked quite wet

A Reformed Labour Voter

Listen carefully, I think the rat said,

"There's already enough vermin in Downing Street!"

Sally Roberts

Hello Dolly!

Super Blue

For someone who claims to be involved in the legal profession, joshutrolltroll is rather fond of posting unfounded allegations himself.


Unfounded allegations? Go on elaborate. Are you now telling me that John Major and Edwina Curry have retracted what they have said about sleeping with each other? or that the pictures of David Mellor were made up? I am guessing you are too young to remember the last Conservative Government or you were in a coma from 1979-1997

ToryBlog.com --> Neither Broon nor Roon

No, no, Mr Fawlty, it's a Siberian Hamster.

Super Blue

Your Draper-written allegations on here refer to Prime Ministers and MPs in the plural. There were only two in those eighteen years. Some of the rest amounts to Grauniad lies, which Jonathan Boyd Hunt has already proved.
Furthermore, as you would know if you had any concern for the truth, David Davis specifically precluded his supporters from making any person allegations about David Cameron, although you have alleged to the contrary.
Now that "Red Rag" has so obviously failed, it's perpetrators (McBride, Draper, Watson etc) tried to spread their filth through the Telegraph and now, through it's trolls, here.

PS Are you the same person as the other contributor "Josh"? The editors might want to know.


A rat spotted outside Downing Street... whatever next.

Tom FD

I thought the Major-Currie affair was long over by the time he reached Downing Street.

Super Blue

Oh yes, Tom. I suppose that is what REAL lawyers call "not coming up to proof" ;)


'REAL' Lawyers? I am a law student (llb) as I have stipulated on here before.

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