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December 22, 2008


David (One of many)

Bremner blames Cameron for this; claiming him to be bland. In reality it's simply the case that Cameron doesn't have a regional accent, doesn't have an ogre-like appearance or odd set of mannerisms, and is actually pretty normal. If Bremner wanted to do a good impression he'd have to exaggerate something about him - like John Culshaw does by having his Blair talk about his mannerisms while he does them. In short, it's Bremner's fault.

UKIP defector

David Cameron's impersonation of a Prime Minister with gravitas and empathy still needs a lot of work.

m dowding

Typical leftie luvvy. Contribution to the debate? Zero, Bird and Fortune make him look the amateur he actually is. Time to retire, methinks.


That is an awful awful awful attempt at David Cameron! No wonder he keeps falling back on his Hague!!

Mike blaster

Very bad attempt at David Cameron!Should try doing impressions of other political leaders.

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