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December 11, 2008


shropshire lad

When I was at a state Grammar in 1997, I remember clearly two of the better mock election campaign posters. One was "Labour would close this school. Vote Labour!" and the other was "L is for Lice. L is for Labour".


Yuk. I can't stop itching now.

Patsy Sergeant

How about 'L is for Labour. L is for Leeches.'

David Sergeant

Yes, I do like Leeches more than Lice.

Chris Paul

That would surely have to be :

L is for Lib Dem, L is for Leech

And we'd prefer Lice

Paul J

Actually they are pretty lousy

kez f

Do you not realise it wasn't the Labour Party he was taking the piss out of.

For similar see Alf Garnet.

They even advitised this on ConservativeHome...jesus wept.

Strawberries and Bananas

For goodness sake! Do we really have to sacrifice the dignity of lice the world over by associating them with Labour?

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