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May 12, 2008


The Ghost of Tony Makara's Sanity

What a load of sh*t.

Hard to believe it came from the writer behind Spitting Image. That had far more 'bite' and was actual satire- this is just all-out electioneering.

 dirty european socialist

Boo Hoo. Satire makes fun of the tories. Shurely this sort of thing should be banned when the tories come to power. LOL.

Will Stobart

Pfff, I like it. It's so ridiculous it's actually funny :)

Margaret on the Guillotine

The problem with satirists who are personally left wing is that when they come to turn their fire on the right, they're far too busy with their own hatred, and with trying to make a didactic sneery point, to actually be funny.

See also Steve Bell's cartoons on Boris - as a Fuhrer on a Routemaster. Not very funny at all.

Phil Taylor

Apparently the writers don't know that the mayoral term is four years not five years. Doh!

Andy S

May have the reverse effect, such as the Labour advert of Cameron as a Chameleon.


What a load of bigoted sh*t, like most leftist writers they are so busy being narrow mind hateful about conservatives that they forget to be funny.

David (One of many)

The actor who does the voice of David Cameron in those sketches went to the Dragon School, Abingdon and Cambridge. You'd think someone with that background might have the capacity to say "hey, don't we have anything else to go on other than he went to a good school?"

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