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April 21, 2008


John W

Absolute crap. Just not funny.

Conservative Homer

ha. ha.


They really missed the ball on this one, had I been writing it, I would have still made Osborne like a schoolboy, but kept his actual voice, and made him an evil genius who is the real boss of the Conservatives, pretty much modelled on Stewie out of Family Guy but all the other characters actually recognise him as the boss.

It's such a shame there hasn't been a successful successor to Spitting Image or Yes, Minister.

It really does help people engage with politics, I mean how many recognisable members of the cabinet were there before Spitting Image? Not many.

The first one they done of Labour wasn't overly bad, but the ones afterwards were pretty rubbish.

Their other sketches are also pretty poor, the Piers Morgan one was funny the first time but is now boring, and the rest is just plain dull.

If they don't want to go the same way 2DTV (which actually pretty good a lot of the time), their writers will need to be replaced immediately.


Dont like cameron or Hague but by god does the osbourne character make me howl. Spot on

David Jones

I actually really like the Hague they do - he's got the best deal on the show amongst the politicians on it.

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