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October 24, 2008



An excellent presentation of the tax problem.
Just how much tax does our government want to take off us ? (yes they would like 100%).
For example, I earn money and pay tax on it. From the money left over I pay VAT (or more) on everything that I spend, I also save some in a bank. The bank uses my money to help make their profits which they then pay tax on. From the after tax profits the bank pays me interest which is then taxed yet again.
The UK tax system is nothing but 'Highway Robbery'. Even on my salary I pay income tax on the total amount and they also charge National Insurance on the whole amount. This must be double taxation purely on income.
Definition of 20 pence - it is a pound after all the tax is taken. This is no longer a joke!!!


What a load of baloney!!

How can you compare 'oppressive tax regimes' with 'other forms of oppresion' (ie torture/imprisoment etc)

I'm making the moral case for this video being a load of tosh!!!

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