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July 19, 2011


Toxic Storm Clouds

Blair was a weak man in a strong position for at least two terms i.e. H of C majority, plient media, defenestrated opposition split in numbers between a small number of tories 165/6 and Liberal Democrats 46/52.

If Speaker Bercow had heard a Conservative LOTO ask questions on candidates he would have probably stopped him!!!!

An interesting Fight in that Period would have been Hezza as PM and Blair as LOTO - I think Hezza would have eaten Blair for Breakfast!!!

On the single currency shows how Blair was WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!!

I think John Major, saddly was busted below the waterline before 1995. I do think highly of Major as he got the economy in robust shape - sadly Labour Screwed it up when they got in office through Higher Taxation, Never Ending Spending (Reminds me of that film), European and Trae Union Regulation and consumption led growth that was always going to end in disaster hence Manufacturing under Labour from 2000 onward did not add any further to growth of the economy.

On a passing note I think Blair is the most overated politican there has ever been! Saying "Weak Weak Weak" - Hardly anything new or incicive about that, indeed you could say his party led him rather than the other way around as the Labour benches were saying that about a minute before Blair did.

קורס קעקועים

I think Bob significant, saddly was broken below the waterline. I do think extremely of significant as he got the economic system in effective appearance.

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