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June 25, 2011



In denial to the last.

David MacDonald

All Hail to the next Emperor of Europe!

I wonder if the Empress Cheryl will expect Her Majesty the Queen to curtsey to her?)

John Bright

Blair has lost the plot.

Phil Kean

Isn't it about time this piece of dirt crawled off somewhere and rotted away?

Let's be in no doubt. Proposing to sacrifice the British people's ability to remain prosperous, free and democratic should be regarded as an incitement to civil unrest.

There is no case for a people who have lived free for centuries to make themselves vulnerable to the troubles that, until recently & due to the arrogance & incompetence of pro-EU MPs, have been the sorts of problems that affect OTHER nations, not Britain.

Idiots like Blair and his boot-licking industrial friends were making a so-called business case for joining the hated Euro back when it was first launched. The rest is history.
Business should keep OUT of what is NOT their business. Because business has no loyalty, and when Britain becomes an economic waste-land due to the mal-administration of those who'd still like us to join, early in the next Parliament, then business will be on the next boat OUT of Britain to set up in whatever country offers them the best deal.

Of course, if scum like Blair and business want to give personal financial guarantees that THEY will financially compensate the British people when Britain goes tits-up due to the loss of self-determination adopting the Euro would inflict on us, then yes, they can still fr#g off and stay out of our business.

Elaine Turner

Is there nothing that Blair isn't prepared to sacrifice on the High Alter of getting himself selected as a proper EU president?

The sooner he realised the ex part of ex PM the better. Silly man.

We must not only NOT join the Euro, we must get out of the EU.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Blair, you had your go, it's over, your Party is out of office. Now be a good chap, make money, satisfy Cherie. Go globetrotting, appear on the Andrew Marr show, but on important matters SHUT UP!


Like ALL in the labour party they just can't accept that they are now OUT of office - thank God!

Dawn Carpenter

They keep slithering back, don't they? Brown wanted the IMF, this slimey thing wants to be President of Europe. George Osborne's renewed friendship with the unspeakable Peter Mandelson makes me distinctly uneasy.


The poor demented chap is clearly unwell and should receive help from the best doctors available to a multi millionaire with only eight or nine houses to his name.

i albion

"Why is this not treason?"
Lets see if Cameron speaks out against it....Oh it doesn't matter I have stopped believing in anything Cameron says.


Tony Blair used his political position to become a multi-millionaire whilst pretending to champion the working class.
He now wants to become President of Europe.
Why would we ever join the Euro as not being able to control interest rates and monetary devaluation is very risky to say the least.
He really should be interviewed about his highly paid job as Middle East Envoy and enquire into what has been his greatest achievement in this capacity.
Answer nothing.


Brown wanting IMF Blair wanting Europe both legends in their own minds


Mad, bad and dangerous. Blair was a disaster for this country and still is. I hope he shuffles off this mortal coil before much longer.

There will never be a compelling case to join the Euro. The British people are completely opposed to giving up their currency and what remains of their Government's ability to run the British economy.

Taking us into the Euro would therefore require all the main parties reneging on the promised Referendum - and I can't see them doing that on this matter because they know it would be one issue that would cause massive demonstrations.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

NOT going into the Euro? One of the very few things one can thnk Gordon Brown for doing by setting his "Five Tests" that the Euro had to pass to get his agreement to UK entry.

John Wood

Rats sinking ship joining

Tony Dean

This tax avoider is a crass idiot if he thinks we are even better off in the EU - let alone on the Eurozone!

Jan Mac

Oh dear, clearly shows care in the community is not working.

Delusions of granduer.


Nurse, Nurse, that bloke Blair is out of bed again !!!

Alan Kirkbu

Like Mussolini, Blair should be strung up from the nearest lamp-post

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