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June 09, 2011


13th spitfire

Oh please don't give him air time. You really have to stop your obsession with this man, he did more than any other PM to destroy this country so don't encourage him.

Tony Dean

The only way Britain is to be stronger is to leave the EU altogether, we are only a state within a huge EUSSR.

Tony Makara

There are areas in which EU co-operation can be very effective, and in the national interest of all. For example if all member states agreed to limit cross-border migrant labour to national levels of unemployment. EU members could also work together, along with the United States, to demand that Beijing end the currency manipulation that effectively leaves Western currencies 40% overvalued when competing with China for global market share.


Aren't the views of this ethically diseased man a thinly-veiled demand for an EU job commensurate with his vast sense of entitlement?

john parkes

".....and Europe needs a President - and I`m your man". Blair remains in some respects as transparent as ever but still doesn`t realise we have seen through him.
What is the `Europe` to which he refers? If he means the EU then there is little doubt that the present construct, represented on the world stage by Mrs Kellner, is schismatic and has no settled view on anything that matters. This is because it comprises a diverse set of interests that for reasons of differing history, culture, economic strength and aspiration will never be able to offer any solution save that of the lowest common denominator. Why that should be at all valuable remains a mystery. Nation States, each with a highly developed persona can still wield a mighty influence when they come together in a common cause but to think that this implies the need for any sort of Federal Union is a political mirage. Blair`s solution is both mischievous and self-seeking....and inappropriate.

David MacDonald

All Hail to Emperor!

Shall we retreat to the mountains and there set up our resistance movement? Don’t expect mercy, Emperor Tony the First, when we catch you.

Victor Southern

First President of Europe then he will try for President of the World. The very thought that this man should ever again hold any position of power is nauseating. At the same time we have to see Gordon Brown pitching for the IMF post. It is baffling.

Y Rhyfelwr Dewr

Europe's already losing influence, as Daniel Hannan never tiresw of pointing out.

When Britain joined the EU, the western European nations accounted for 39 percent of global GDP. Today, it's 25 percent. By 2020, it will be 15 percent. This at a time when the USA's share of world GDP has remained much the same.

So Europe has not enhanced our influence, and more Europe is hardly likely to change the situation.

Edward Huxley

Click to play it said. Not me, thanks, I heard enough from this man to last me a lifetime already.

This has ruined my day.


Nobody listens to Tony Blair anymore - a man who used his political position to become a multi-millionaire whilst pretending to champion the working class.


My old sales manager many years ago told me that you would with the advent of mass media.Be able to put anything in a tin and sell it.How right he was proved but not in one detail.They put in a can a mixture called NULABOUR.There was nothing of substance in it.The makers though stil made a packet.

Floating voter

Blair's an odius and divisive figure who brought this country to it's knees. Not sure why the conservative party are so transfixed by this man!!


Let's get our country back - independent once more, and trading with the whole world on terms that suit us.

Nicholas Keen

Well, Mr. Blair can just f*** off.


How's the middle east peace envoy stuff going, Tony ? Nice job ! /sarc

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Ken Livingstone Miserable Git" come to mind. Perhaps a good election slogan against him?

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