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September 14, 2010


David Hollins

Much better if Bliar was facing justice, rather than receiving a medal for supporting it - Yanks, eh?

Victor Southern

I suppose that next week Blair has his turn to present Clinton with a medal or an honorary knighthood.

James Trent

Liberty medal? What for? Destroying our liberties? Pass the sick bags.

Denis Cooper

One worthless man presents another worthless man with a worthless medal - not worth watching.

Winston Smith

Remember Cameron demanding Tory MPs show their respect for Bliar and applaud his last day in the Commons? I'd have punched the cant.


One Liar awarding another.

Paris Claims

Not unlike Yasser Arafat receiving the Nobel peace prize.


Blair is now a multi millionaire who was a career politician in it for the money whilst pretending to support the working class.
He has made his fortune on the backs of a naive British electorate. He should answer for declaring war on Iraq and the war crimes associated with it.

David J

Pass the sick bucket please


Jeewiz, this guy sure has connections with the current US administration....

perhaps we should award him an award, for getting an award in the first place?

You can imagine him saying:

'I've got to say, what's important is that we work together for the better of my award collection...although people say 'Tony you're great' i say 'not really, just doin me bit to make some more money, who said Capitalism was such a bad thing Comrade?'...'

Wonder what the labour leadership contenders all think?? Perhaps someone should ask them?


When i turned on the TV and saw TONY and BILL in full flow.I thought it was the X-factor auditions.When you see the people that ran the WESTERN world.You can now see how PR and media manipulation electes our leaders.Where the lowest common denominator and self congratulations are the order of the day.No wonder the CHINESE leaders must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Malcolm Butt

This is a bit of a strange award that Blair has recieved.


What, Blair got a liberty medal? I tend towards at least a degree of sympathy with some of the sentiments expressed above! Wasn't it his Government's legislation that forced the closure of RC adoption agencies and caused B&B owners to be prosecuted merely for wanting to live according to Christian faith ? - this nation's faith for centuries. Blair showed little sign of protecting our historic liberties of speech, religion and conscience! He went to war supposedly to give Iraq freedom, while at the same time diminishing our own.

Steve Tierney

I feel sorry for anybody else who has won the liberty medal. They must feel horribly devalued now.

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