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September 06, 2010


Matthew Palmer

Running away from every possible confrontation he might have to endure (Today programme, Newsnight, etc)


I hope Conservatives who stood up for the right of hate mongers from abroad to have free speech here such as Geert Wilders will defend the right of our ex Prime Minister to go about his business without being in fear of attack.

Malcolm Dunn

The police can handle the demonstration, can Blair? I agree with the comment of Matthew Palmer.

Elaine Turner

I have fathomed the person behind our very determined frequent poster (You know who I mean!) - it is Tony Blair no less - with 'there are more people who want to come and ave their book signed!!

What happened to his powers as an orator? His speech is peppered with 'you knows' and 'errs'..... is it the drink?

David Hollins

Yes, Blair is now moving on to "poor little me". The egg throwing is not acceptable, but people have a right to protest - there is something about religious types that they can never admit to being wrong.

Don't forget that the luuurvely Cherie is currently trying to get mandy's book withdrawn. Pot and kettle spring to mind.

Peter Thurgood

What an absolute load of rubbish.

Why on earth should our police use our money to provide bodyguards for someone like this, who is after all, no more than a very rich private individual, who is after earning yet more money from the gullible public?

This is the man who once ruled us, the man who sent us into an illegal war, the man who is "supposed" to be the Middle-East Peace Envoy, and we are supposed to believe that he didn't know that a few people might get angry enough to throw a few eggs at him?

If some other megalomaniac would be pop star, who wanted to rule the world, wrote a controversial book, he or she would be expected to provide their own security, with maybe one police-officer on hand in case things started to get a bit heavy, and that is fair enough, but some of the comments on here seem to suggest that we, the public, who have already been fleeced by this man, ten times over, should now start forking out again for his security.

No way!

Super Blue

Yes, Elaine, that persistent spelling error is just a printed glo'al stop.

michael mcgough

He should have a booksigning on a tube strike day.

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